CEDAR RAPIDS – This morning Monica Vernon joined State Representatives Abby Finkenauer (Dubuque) and Liz Bennett (Cedar Rapids) and community members to again call on Congressman Rod Blum to pull his support from Donald Trump’s dangerous campaign. 

“Donald Trump’s most recent remarks are truly disgusting, degrading, and an all-time low, even for him,” said Monica Vernon. “I refuse to let my daughters live in a world where a presidential candidate can make such hateful remarks about women and still be supported by our Congressman.  This isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue, it’s about the future of our country. Congressman Blum: have some courage, pull your support for Donald Trump, denounce him, disavow him, and stand up for Iowa’s women and families.”


In addition to former Congressman Jim Leach, current Members of Congress across the country have pulled their support of Donald Trump in the last 24 hours and have made it clear: they will not vote for him.

Congressman Rod Blum, on the other hand, remains a steadfast Trump supporter even going so far as to compare himself to Donald Trump earlier this year and praise Trump’s campaign for tapping into a “pride in the country”; “patriotism.”