While the list of Republican elected officials who are rejecting a Donald Trump presidency grows – both across the country and here in Iowa – Congressman Rod Blum isn’t on it.
“At this point, we have our answer,” said Monica Vernon. “When it matters most, Congressman Blum won’t stand up for Iowa’s women and families. Whether it’s the Congressman’s full support for Donald Trump’s candidacy in the face of his hateful, disgusting, and degrading comments about women, his numerous attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, his votes to block equal pay for equal work, or his votes to deny sexual assault victims of the support they need – Congressman Blum went to Washington and forgot about Iowa’s women and families.”

And as the Washington Post has previously reported:
Finally, some elected Republicans genuinely like Trump.
For most GOP politicians, “you can’t always get what you want” — the chorus of the song that plays at the end of every Trump rally — applies. But some like him. They really like him.
Take Rod Blum. He unexpectedly won an open House seat in a Democratic-leaning district in 2014. But he’s closely linking himself with Trump, partly because he genuinely admires the guy.
“Donald Trump is in the house,” Blum excitedly yelled when he took the stage at Ernst’s event.
The congressman uses Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s firm for his polling.
Like Donald Trump, Tea Party Congressman Rod Blum has always been at the fringe of his party – joining the House Freedom Caucus as his first act as Congressman.  While in Washington, Congressman Blum has consistently put his Tea Party politics ahead of Iowa’s women and families.