In light of today’s released recording of Donald Trump’s extremely demeaning and outright vulgar comments about women – is there nothing that will make Congressman Rod Blum denounce Donald Trump’s candidacy?
“I am truly horrified by Donald Trump’s most recent vulgar and demeaning comments.  It’s in complete opposition to everything Iowans stand for,” said Monica Vernon. “As an Iowa woman, and the mother of three daughters, I call on Congressman Blum to finally do the right thing and pull his support from Donald Trump.  Enough is enough.
Blum has remained silent in the face of calls from a growing list of elected officials, media outlets, and Iowans across the 1st district to denounce Trump’s dangerous campaign. The Des Moines Register Editorial Board called Trump’s candidacy a “test of character” for our elected representatives and called on Iowa Republicans to denounce Trump. The Gazette and Telegraph Herald Editorial Boards both called out Blum’s refusal to denounce Trump. And a growing list of Republicans have rejected Trump’s candidacy including, most recently 30 former Republican Members of Congress including Jim Leach.
But after offensive comment after offensive comment, Congressman Blum has even gone so far as to compare himself to Donald Trump and praised Trump’s campaign for tapping into a “pride in the country”; “patriotism.”