KEY EXCERPT #1: Our disappointment with Blum’s partisanship is one reason we’re giving our 2016 endorsement to Vernon.

But it’s not the only reason.

In out recent editorial board session with Blum, we were surprised by his lack of detailed precision in his answers to our questions on important issues. For instance, Blum called for curtailing federal regulations but could only come up with one example. He picked the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the United States initiative to clarify clean water rules. Blum believes regulators only should be allowed to address pollution on navigable waterways, leaving out countless creeks and streams that run into them. It’s a sure strategy to sustain a troubling status quo of dozens of impaired waterways in states such as Iowa.

KEY EXCERPT #2: Vernon’s time on the city council provides her with a pair of advantages, in our view. As part of a non-partisan governing body, Vernon has worked alongside leaders at all levels and from all political stripes to solve problems and accomplish objectives. Her time on the council covered Cedar Rapids’ recovery from the Flood of 2008, which involved intricate, complex dealings with bureaucracies at the state and federal level and two presidential administrations.

That experience, in addition to many years of public service behind the scenes on various community boards and on behalf of many causes, gives her broad and deep knowledge of local issues, problems and needs. She’s been involved with the city’s quest to receive federal flood protection funding from the beginning. She’s been on the front line of efforts to meet social and economic challenges facing not only Cedar Rapids but other metro areas in the region.